Loita Hills Academy is a program of Under the Acacia. We work in tandem to bring sustainable education to this area, create employment, infrastructure and community development.

This is our story of how our school changed an entire community.
Loita Hills Academy, established January 2010, is a primary school providing free education to all our students in Loita, Kenya. It now boosts 3 classrooms, an administrative block, a small kitchen and 6 latrines. In 2011, we built a medical clinic on the school property in which the parents pay medical insurance for their children, and the clinic is also available to the entire community for fee-based visits. In July 2012, we opened the Greystone Learning Center next to the school which boosts 8 solar computer kiosks, (made possible by The Internet Society) and a 4,000 book library. (made possible by Adele's Literacy Library) The water and feeding projects also launched this year and will be another source of income and create more employment opportunities. In 2013 we are preparing to build a girls boarding school as well as a secondary school. All profits from these basic initiatives go into a community savings fund to sustain school programs and the further development of Loita. Stay tuned for more information on our game-changing community development!